Notes for distribtion

Note for distribution


Some principles and information for recipients of tracts and Gospel outreach material


Our literature is provided to all purchasers on request for free and without obligation for the distribution and personal use. The issue of costs should not be an obstacle to the distribution of the Gospel. In the ordering process you can therefore choose freely, if you want to have an invoice or prefer to get the literature for free for Gospel outreach.


Any distribution of literature from our publishing house is the personal responsibility of the distributing people. Please ask the Lord in prayer, which literature at what location for whom fits to His purpose. Please avoid anything that harms the Gospel through unserious activities. This can easily happen if you upset people because you do not behave properly. Certainly much is done with best intentions, but unfortunately we get complaints sometimes.



The following principles help in a proper distribution campaign:


  • Please do not throw tracts in mailboxes bearing the notice "No advertising" or similar. You may ring the bell in such cases and ask politely if you may present a Christian Tract. Unfortunately, the instructions on the mailboxes are ignored by some distributors and the result is that recipients call us irritated and often threaten a lawsuit. Some of the literature is then returned, with appropriate comments at our expense (prepaid). By the way, penalties up to 1,000 EUR can be imposed.
  • Please do not hang flyers on car doors or windscreen wipers.
  • In hospitals, sanatoriums, spas, churches, etc. you should not just distribute at the seating areas, waiting areas etc. with a Christian reading material. For this, the approval of the Administrative Director or the spa and hospital chaplaincy is necessary. Similarly, a permit from the authorities responsible for the distribution in railway stations, airports, stadiums, parking garages, private parking, on school grounds, etc. is necessary.
  • Also in initial reception of asylum seekers the authority has to be asked for permission.
  • Make sure you do not spread without permission, otherwise you can expect that the writings are discarded or we will receive a complaint at least. Of course tracts can be presented in personal contacts.

Thank you for your attention of these rules and we whish God's blessings in the next distribution activity!