Exposition of the Books of Samuel (Hungarian)

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Exposition of the first and second book of Samuel by H. Rossier
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Exposition of the Book of Samuel

The books of Samuel show a time of change, a time when the originally relationship between Israel and God ceased. Israel failed and was unfaithful. The people who had once approached God and enjoyed a wonderful privilege as a people of God lost the covenant to his enemies. Everything that gave meaning to the priesthood was in the hands of the enemy. But God raised a prophet, Samuel, through whom He continued to maintain a relationship with his people.

The people of Israel upset in these books and ask for a king. Thus they rejected God's own immediate government. But God hears their prayer. From that time, a violence was imposed on Israel, of which God was especially expecting loyalty. For the lot of the people depended on the attitude of the person who was responsible for the maintenance of this loyalty before the Lord.

This exposition deals with the events and the special persons (Samuel, David, ...) of these books and their significance for our life of faith.

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