The Owl's Nest (Ukrainian)

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After the Way Luff, Vol.14 - an old narrative newly discovered
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The Owl's Nest

Hans Klinge is a young casual worker. When he falls in love with Martha von Gülven, her father does not accept the relationship between Hans and his daughter. The father of Martha is a rich flax farmer and owner of the farm "Sorgenfrei" and he has quite different plans for his only daughter. Thus a bitter conflict arises.

Because of Martha's father it is then impossible for Hans to find an honest work in the village, he begins to poach and can not even be deterred from his friends. In the "Black Eagle" the situation escalates: Hans's challenges dis adversaries and reaches for the knife ...

God often leads us heavy paths but He has patience with us, if His ways do not please us. His path always turn out to be a blessing.
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