Spiritual Gifts or Mysticism? (Polish)

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Keywords of the charismatic movement and their meaning
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Spiritual Gifts or Mysticism?

Briefly and objectively, the charismatic movement as well as some concepts that appear again and again in connection with this movement in Christianity, such as baptism in the Spirit, speaking with tongues, prayer healings, etc. are examined on the basis of the Bible. The booklet is a help for all those who are confronted with these terms of the charismatic movement and want to know what the Bible says about them.

The booklet is divided into the following chapters:
1. What does "charismatic movement" mean?
2. The so-called "baptism in the Spirit"
3. The so-called "speaking with tongues"
4. The so-called "prophecies" and "revelations"
5. The so-called "prayer healings"
6. Be filled with the Spirit

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