Three Comrades (Croatian)

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The story of a little boy named Ondreijko which is in a desperate situation. But God doesn't leave him alone…
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Three Comrades

Little Ondreijko, a friendly boy, has a sad lot: the fate of his mother lies in the dark and he stands in the way of his father's life. Therefore his father, the earl Germersky, pass him on to the old Filina who lives together with his great-nephew Peter in the earl's mountain hut. But God knows about the Situation of the little Ondreijko. He guides Palko to him who, with his happy confidence of faith, brings hope into Ondreijko's life. One morning, light dawns over the alp in the mountains of Slovakia. Soon the blessing events move ahead with breakneck speed.

Type: pocket book, bounded
Pages: 88
Dimensions: 11,0 x 17,0 cm
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Language Croatian
Author Kristína Royová
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