From Darkness to Light (English)

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A book of Horia Azimioara about the story of the orthodox pastor Teodor Popescu: his life, his encounter with God, the turning point
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Teodor Popescu, grown up in the early traditions of Christianity, studied theology and became an orthodox pastor in Bucharest. He experienced the turning point of his live as he found to God, but by increasing resistances of the church, he was forced to leave. His biography is showing his story and how his way continued, written by Horiza Azimioara.

This booklet is available in German under the title "Mit beiden Flügeln fliegen" from Christliche Schriftenverbreitung e. V. (

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Language English
Author Horia Azimioara
ISBN 978-3-96162-650-2
Publisher GBV Dillenburg GmbH
Original title From Darkness to Light
Original language English
Type Paperback
Binding Glued
Number of pages 139
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