The Christian Family (English)

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What does God's Word tell us about the family? Is the biblical view still up to date?
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The Christian Family

When we hear the word 'family', we tend to think of a father, mother and children.

Not every family has both parents, and some include other relatives, but the image is one of relationship, love and care, and evokes a sense of intimacy, happiness, order and stability.

The basic relationship for a family is that of husband and wife. It is the one upon which all other relationships depend. It is the first human relationship that God gave mankind and is most blessed and sacred.

When God has given this relationship and the family, then not without reason.

But what does God's Word tell us about the family? What are His thoughts about it? Is the biblical view and the roles of husband, wife and children in a family still up to date?

Many Bible verses point to our Lord Jesus as a perfect example. But how then can His life in this world be an example to us here?

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