Safety, Certainty, Enjoyment (English)

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Which class are you travelling? - You can know that your eternal future is safe Jesus Christ.
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Safety, Certainty, Enjoyment

"Which class are you traveling?"

There are but three. Let me describe them that you may put yourself to the test as in the presence of "Him with whom you have to do."

1st Class: Those who are saved, and who know it.
2nd Class: Those who are not sure of salvation, but anxious to be so.
3rd Class: Those who are not only unsaved but totally unconcerned about it.

A short time since, a man came rushing into the railway station at Leicester, and while scarcely able to gasp for breath he took his seat in one of the carriages just on the point of starting. "You've run it fine," said a fellow passenger. "Yes," replied he, breathing heavily after every two or three words, "but I've saved four hours, and that's well worth running for." "Saved four hours!" I couldn't help repeating to myself - "four hours well worth that earnest struggle! What of eternity?"

Yet are there not thousands of shrewd, farseeing men today, who look sharply enough after their own interests in this life, but who are stone blind to the eternity be. Are you going to heaven after you die? Are you sure of your answer, or are you just guessing and hoping?

The author uses several examples from everyday life to help you know with certainty and joy that your eternal future is safe and secure in the Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Author George Cutting
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