Fire from Heaven? (English)

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Charismatic doctrine and practice in the light of the Bible

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Fire from Heaven? - What does the Bible say?

For many decades, believers and churches alike have been confronted with all kinds of teachings and practices from the various forms of the charismatic movement. Many people do not know what to make of these things and wonder whether they come from Satan's domain. Should we be wary of these developments? What does the Bible say?

Many other believers who want to believe the gospel are captivated by all these developments: healing of terrible diseases through prayer, miraculously speaking in foreign or strange languages, dreams and visions, powerful deliverance from demonic forces. After everything that they have experienced as being 'dead' in Christianity, here at last there is something alive which is supposed to demonstrate the omnipotence of God. At last, there is some proof that our God really is powerful. This is what is claimed. What does the Bible say?

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