Introduction to Prophecy (Romanian)

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The Truths of the Future of the Assembly, the People of Israel and the World - an explanation by M. Tapernoux

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Introduction to Prophecy

From time immemorial, the faithful who have been concerned with the word of God have shown a special interest in the prophetic word. Today, as we witness various forerunners of the coming of the Lord, this interest in the prophetic truth has increased among the faithful. It is necessary that the Holy Spirit awakens in us the heart's desire to better explore the thoughts of God as revealed to us in His words regarding the future of the Lord's redeemed and the judgments that will affect the unbelievers. Aware of the seriousness of the hour and the need to behave like servants waiting for their Lord, many believers have the sincere desire to know prophecy even better. M. Tapernoux would like to fulfil this wish in this book.

The book is divided into the following five parts:
- Part one: Israel, the Nations, the Assembly (Church)
- Part Two: the Rapture of the faithful
- Part Three: Israel, the nations, the Lord's coming
- Fourth part: the millennium
- Part Five: the Eternal State

It is close to the author's heart to shed light on the truths of the future of the assembly, the people of Israel and the world in the simplest possible language, since he also wants to adapt this reflection to the understanding of the young readers.

Type: paperback, bounded, hardcover
Pages: 223
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