Fellowship (Russian)

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What does fellowship mean? - A booklet about fellowship with God, Jesus Christ and believers by G. André

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What does fellowship mean? Fellowship means having something in common or having the same thoughts or goals. Fellowship exists between God the Father and his Son. This can be seen very clearly in the life of the Lord Jesus Christ on this earth. As children of God, we too may have fellowship with God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. The fellowship of Christians among themselves and the fellowship of ministry are also based on this fellowship.

This brochure encourages us to live a joyful and fruitful life with the Lord and other Christians.

These and other George André brochures are also available as a set of 24 books (item number 1116940)

Type: booklet, stapled
Pages: 36
Dimensions: 12.0 x 18.0 cm

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Languages Russian
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Author Georges André
ISBN 978-3-86698-165-2