Christians Without a Name? (Portuguese)

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What is an assembly of Christians according to the will of God?

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Cristãos sem designação?
Christians Without a Name?

In this booklet, the reader will find a short description of what is an assembly of Christians according to the will of God, as described in the New Testament. The author deals with the following topics:
- Who are these Christians?
- Why don't these Christians have a specific church name?
- Are those Christians better than other Christians?
- What is the doctrine (the teaching) of those Christians?
- What do those Christians seek?
- What characterizes the assembly according to God?
- What was it like at the beginning?
- Does the freedom of the Holy Spirit bring confusion in the church?
- Do those Christians create new churches?
- How to become a member?

Type: Booklet
Pages: 14
Dimensions: 10.5 x 14.8 cm (DIN A6)

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