The Secret to a Happy Fruitful Christian Life (Persian (Farsi))

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Where is true joy to be found and what can hinder our joy

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The Secret to a Happy Fruitful Christian Life

This booklet contains the two parts of Bruce Anstey's booklets on the secret to a happy, fruitful Christian life.

The first part deals with the question of where true joy is found an how it is sustained. The booklet shows that there are five things that made Jesus happy as a man that are available to us right now. "The Lord Jesus is interested in passing the joy that He had on to us ."

The second part deals with the things that can hinder our joy. The booklet shows four ways Satan would spoil our joy.

Type: booklet, stapled
Pages: 42
Dimensions: 14.8 x 21,1 cm

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Languages Persian/Farsi
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Author Bruce Anstey
ISBN 978-3-96162-228-3