The Rapture of the Believers (Romanian)

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For the children of God a great event is in store: The rapture of all believers. What will happen with the world, the earth and the people?

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The Rapture of the Believers

Does a child of God need to go through the great tribulation?

For the children of God a great and glories event is in store, their live will be instantly and completely changed. At a day as every day suddenly the Lord will appear to take all children of God with him to heaven. After this the great tribulation will start on this earth. Some years later Christ will come in glory and power to build the millennium.

This book answers the question if a Christian has to go through the tribulation and motivates every Christian to wait for the coming of the Lord daily and to be a credible testimony.

Type: pocked book, bounded
Pages: 167
Dimensions: 13,2 x 20,0 cm

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Languages Romanian
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Author Christian Briem