The Book of Proverbs, Guide for Self-study (Croatian)

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Discovering the treasures in the Book of Proverbs - a help for self-study

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The Book of Proverbs, Guide for Self-study

The Book of Proverbs is a special book that contains treasures that can not found directly on the surface. To take possession of these treasures, work and effort are needed, but it's well worth the effort!

"We understand little of the perfect integrity of this book with all its themes and yet it still exists. When we believe that the Bible is inspired by God, we also believe in the perfect order and harmony of the Bible parts. Gold is not usually found on the Earth's surface - you often have to work hard to find such a treasure. The Book of Proverbs still contains undiscovered beauties, just like the other Bible books." (Leslie M. Grant)

"The whole Word of God is a temple of truth, especially the Book of Proverbs. A man finds everything he needs to be led through the "gardens" of the lies of life. What lies here in front of everyone who seeks spiritual nourishment and refreshment is the richly set table, which has nourished millions of people and is inexhaustible." (Harry A. Ironside)

Type: Paperback, bound
Pages: 51
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Author Michael Vogelsang
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