Musikinstrumente in der christlichen Anbetung (Rumänisch)

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Musikinstrumente in der christlichen Anbetung & Der Aufstieg der neuen Leviten


It is largely assumed by a majority of Christians that it is quite acceptable, even Biblical, to use musical instruments in our Christian worship. But just because the practice is almost universal, it does not thereby mean that this is God's intention for our worship. To fi nd what God has said on this subject we must turn to the Bible itself. The author explores this matter from a Biblical perspective and also looks at Church practice throughout Christian history. The "worship team" movement is another issue that has arisen in the last few decades. This is directly connected with how we answer the question of the use of musical instruments in Christian worship. The author shows, in a gracious but Scripturally based way, that the whole worship leader, worship team phenomena is an ominous development within the Church, which ultimately could lead to a separate class of worshippers-a new order of Levites. Essentially, to bring us under the Old Testament order of things. Like the Bereans in Acts 17:11, may we search the Scriptures to see if these things are true, and adjust our thinking and practice accordingly.


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Autor Brian Reynolds
ISBN 978-606-8441-58-0