Die Wahl des Ehepartners (Englisch)

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The choice of partner is a serious decision! Who is the man/woman whom God has chosen for me? - by Ernst-August Bremicker


The Choice of Partner - A Serious Decision!

When a couple enjoys a balanced married life, joy and peace reign in their hearts. On the other hand, an unhappy conjugal relationship destroys all areas of existence.

This booklet gives you many tips on how to lay a good foundation for a happy marriage according to biblical principles.

Type: booklet, stapled
Pages: 60
Dimensions: 14,8 x 21,0 cm


Artikelnummer 1036944
Lieferzeit 5-7 Tage innerhalb EU
Sprachen Englisch
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Autor Ernst-August Bremicker
ISBN 978-3-96162-388-4